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Centrifugal extraction machine with solvent extraction method and treatment of industrial wastewater

by:Deyuan      2020-08-23
In recent decades, treatment of industrial wastewater by solvent extraction method has made great progress, such as extraction method and treatment of wastewater containing phenol, rayon factory waste water containing zinc, stainless steel pickling wastewater, oily wastewater treatment, is a success. It also expands the application range of centrifugal extraction machine, is now only in removing phenol wastewater as an example to illustrate the application of centrifugal extraction machine effect.
in the coking plant, gas stations, oil refineries, chemical plant, the production of wood preservation plant and insulation materials plant, produce wastewater containing phenol. This waste water if not through recycling and appropriate treatment for emissions, not only polluted the water source, endanger people's health, but also cause serious damage to agricultural production and fishery production, at the same time of phenol and valuable chemical raw materials, so the process of removing phenol wastewater for comprehensive utilization, protect the environment and harm for profit, it is of great significance.
solvent extraction principle of removing phenol, phenol different solubility in water and extracting agent. When contact with organic solvents wastewater containing phenol, phenol in wastewater by solvent extraction, and then distilled through chemical processing or removing the phenol in solvent, solvent to obtain renewable and recyclable reuse. Extraction method of removing phenol is suitable for high concentration phenol, large quantity of gas plant, coking plant, petroleum chemical plants and other industrial and mining enterprises.
about extraction equipment, the domestic extraction tower and sieve plate tower have already been used for removing phenol wastewater. This method is reliable, easy processing and manufacturing equipment, the construction cost and operation cost is low. But in dealing with a large amount of waste water, tower height and tower diameter is larger, equipment lower volumetric efficiency. Domestic development of wave type centrifugal removing phenol extraction machine, aim is to play a centrifugal extraction machine equipment � � � gather together, cover an area of an area small, high efficiency, etc. But the wave type centrifugal extraction machine structure complex, easy to jam, feed need high pressure pump, processing and maintenance more difficult, power consumption is big, cost is higher. Extracting new developed a new type of centrifugal machine by days, has simple structure, easy to operate large production capacity, high efficiency and applicable to contain a certain amount of solid liquid treatment, etc, using such equipment, removing phenol in wastewater, with which will eliminate the use of wave type centrifugal extraction machine of some defects.
with. cwl centrifugal extraction machine experiment of water phase is to simulate a chemical plant emissions of waste water, each of which contains three nitro resorcinol 1348 mg, 10 g sulfuric acid. The extraction solvent for N - 503, thinner, kerosene for industry. Through the experiment, the speed change and compared, and the rate of removing phenol did not significantly influence. The dephenolizing rate is over 96%. The residual liquid containing N - The concentration of 503 are not more than 1 g/Lde scheduled target. For N - 503 is basically nontoxic substances, therefore, will not cause secondary pollution drainage.
wastewater dephenolizing process in general use for many years is the first stage after extraction of phenol, phenol content area is 200 mg/L, after the second stage of biochemical treatment to discharge standards. If deal with waste water containing phenol with centrifugal extraction machine, can make full use of it multistage series of characteristics of the series is easy to change. Through multistage extraction phenol content is lower than the emission standard is the important significance, but this two period of treatment to a treatment, shorten the process, saved money.
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