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Centrifugal extraction separation machine extracted fatty acid soap feet

by:Deyuan      2020-08-15
Centrifugal extraction machine fatty acid soap to wash feet, butanone as solvent, with fatty acid and water miscibility. Eliminating caused by pectin and saponification material emulsion layer between fatty acid and water, and make clear stratification.
centrifugal extraction machine separation in the first step is to fatty acid soap soap foot foot oil saponification, way is to add 48% concentration of lye soap foot, heating reflux, complete saponification. And adding sulphuric acid, acidification heating until pH is approximately equal to 3. After the acid solution by centrifugal extraction machine with steam distillation and phase separation of light export solution formulation solvent, a quick coarse fatty acid, heavy phase water first, using alkali neutralization, then heat evaporate the solvent, the rest of the wastewater.
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