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Centrifugal extraction solvent deasphalting process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-16
Centrifugal extraction solvent deasphalting process in vacuum residuum as raw material, under the condition of certain temperature and pressure using liquid solvents for the CPC have larger components, vacuum residuum solubility of colloid and asphaltene almost insoluble properties, extraction in the centrifugal extraction machine, make it into the extraction oil and asphalt solution phase, use of the role of the difference in density between the density of small oil extraction solution gradually rise to top be extraction liquid centrifugal extraction machine, and the density of asphalt solution settling to the bottom of the centrifugal extraction machine gradually become smoke residue.
extraction oil solution after heating up, high selectivity of solvent, the colloid solution from settling down in the centrifugal extraction machine, thus the residual oil in the colloid, asphaltene removal, obtain deasphalted oil, respectively after solvent recovery heavy oil catalytic cracking raw material can be got: deasphalted oil and asphalt harmonic components.
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