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Centrifugal extraction wastewater containing phenol removing phenol centrifugal extraction machine

by:Deyuan      2020-09-07
When removing phenol wastewater containing phenol, high-efficiency centrifugal extraction machine for processing effect is good. But in actual operation, to consider the production factors such as temperature, compared, flow rate, concentration of alkali liquor. Combined with the actual situation, zhengzhou days. cwl - extraction research and development production M new centrifugal extraction machine, which can effectively deal with removing phenol wastewater containing phenol.

today, phenol, as a kind of important chemical raw material, is widely used in oil refining, dyestuff, papermaking, rubber, medicine and other industries. In the process of production will produce large amounts of waste water containing phenol, such as direct emissions without processing, will cause serious environmental pollution. At present the method for treatment of wastewater containing phenol incineration method, extraction, adsorption, ion exchange method, biological method, etc. Tianyi extraction of centrifugal extraction machine mainly extraction method, the use of complexation extraction for removing phenol wastewater containing phenol.

containing phenol wastewater treatment process flow diagram:

efficient centrifugal extraction machine for phenol wastewater treatment process, with the increase of room temperature, two phase separation effect is gradually getting better; The rates of extraction and reverse extraction were compared with the increase, with the decrease of the flow rate increases; In addition, the extraction rate increases with the increase of alkali concentration, when the concentration of alkali liquor increased to a certain after the extraction rate leveled off.

the current domestic phenol wastewater treatment of the basic experimental solvent extraction, treated wastewater can reach discharge standards. With the days extracting efficient centrifugal machine processing waste water containing phenol, this technology solved the problem of high energy consumption in existing equipment, poor corrosion resistance, maintenance difficulties, greatly reduces the phenol wastewater treatment cost, has the very good market prospect.

related extraction equipment figure:

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