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Centrifugal extractor from lead-zinc mine in recycled ones

by:Deyuan      2020-09-08
Wet zinc smelting of zinc leaching residue, kiln slag and fuming furnace dust, method of zinc retort slag, ash or slag contained in grain, especially in zinc leaching residue, heavy iron slag and airtight grain content in blast furnace slag, of these by-products from recycled ones way there are many kinds of, use the centrifugal extractor from lead-zinc mine in recycling of dissolved extraction effect is significant.
the centrifugal extractor from recycled ones of dissolved in lead-zinc mine extraction method, is to study successfully and used for production in our country. This method in a factory and to achieve the comprehensive recovery of indium and germanium in zinc leaching residue and the standing grain. Industrial production of zinc leaching residue after kiln, lead and zinc, with multiple hearth furnace off fluorine and chlorine, the obtained zinc oxide dust with sulfuric acid leaching, and then use the centrifugal extractor from recycling, indium, germanium in zinc slag replacement, again to the slag by dipping acid reflux, using centrifugal extractor recycling, indium and germanium. http://www
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