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Centrifugal separation of rare earth elements in the field of hydrometallurgy extraction machine indium

by:Deyuan      2020-08-30
In hydrometallurgy extraction process, especially when need series a lot or balance extraction can be used, the application of the centrifugal extraction machine has good prospects. Here in the extraction of rare earth separation and indium, for example.
there are 17 rare earth elements, their atomic structure, physical and chemical properties of the difference is very small, so it very difficult to separate, using solvent extraction separation of various rare earth elements, often require dozens to hundreds of theoretical level. The extraction equipment in use of rare earth separation plant is mostly mechanical stirring mixer settler. Tsinghua university in China in the early 90 s with more than 300 HL type glass fiber reinforced plastic ring gap type centrifugal extraction machine for the industrial experiment of rare earth separation ( The current. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine in centrifugal extraction machine industry is comparatively mature technology) , and in the process of test found that some of the extraction process of the mass transfer rate is controlled by the chemical reaction speed slow, usually get very low (centrifugal extraction machine only 20% ~ 30%) The level of efficiency, in order to solve this problem successfully developed a long exposure time centrifugal extraction machine. Industrial test for the fluorescent grade Y2O3 and Eu2O3, purity of more than 99% of Sm2O3, Gd2O3 and La2O3 Tb - and the purity was 60% Dy richment and other products. Test results also show that the centrifugal extraction machine is adopted to reduce the extraction equipment in the plant area and reduce the amount of reserved extractant in the extraction process, shorten the time of extraction system from starting to steady state and conducive to the control and so on have a significant effect.
in the process of extraction and purification indium, iron removal is a difficult problem. Because the iron content is often indium content for hundreds of times, and both distribution ratio is larger, it is difficult to separate the when using mixer settler. In China in the mid - 80 - s the annular HL type centrifugal extraction machine is used for nonequilibrium extraction of indium industrial test, with 2 ~ 3 series centrifugal extraction machine operation, the use of centrifugal extractor in two short contact time ( A few seconds) , so that the mass transfer speed indium was extracted and mass transfer is slow of iron basically not been extracted, so as to realize the separation of indium and iron.
the centrifugal extraction machine is applied to the extraction of precious metal nickel and cobalt separation of industrial test has been successful.
in copper smelting, get by-products of converter smoke contains 0. 001% - 0. 0084% of indium, the smoke can make use of the centrifugal extraction machine from copper � � mention indium extraction method in technology in the second period of indium leaching extraction process.
days extraction made improvements for the above process, changing the secondary pickling to high pressure acid leaching, which can improve the leaching rate of indium, specific approach is to put converter dust containing indium in contain 0. 75 mol/L pressure in the boiler of the dilute sulphuric acid solution, the pressure in the process of cooking smoke more than 80% of indium in acid leach liquor. Then using centrifugal extraction machine with P204 extracting indium 20%, after extraction with hydrochloric acid solution, the rich indium water with sponge indium zinc replacement. After alkali fused cast after electrify to get pure indium.
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