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Cesium centrifugal extraction machine solvent extraction

by:Deyuan      2020-08-19
Machine with centrifugal extraction solvent extraction to mention cesium from cesium containing cesium material into pure cesium chloride extraction method was extracted cesium competition between soluble in water and soluble in organic facies. Is essentially the material transfer process, that is, do not contact miscibility of water phase and organic phase mixing, the cesium was extracted by water phase transfer to the organic phase, and then to the aqueous solution by extraction process. The whole process in a selected. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine to complete.
solvent extraction of cesium, rubidium centrifugal extraction machine is developed in the 1960 s, it can separate a complex mixture of alkali metal elements coexist, in many cases the score step precipitation rb cesium and ion exchange method is faster, with simple equipments, short process, easy to automatic control, production, operating the security, the advantages of low cost, is considered to be a kind of separation and extraction of cesium, rubidium is a good method.
machine centrifugal extraction solvent extraction to mention cesium mainly by extraction, washing, and the extraction process of three basic steps.
extraction: organic phase and water phase ( Aqueous phase material liquid) According to certain contact time compared to extraction equilibrium. Cesium was extracted by water phase to organic phase and two phase separation for clarification.
washing: from the water phase extraction cesium, load cesium organic phase mechanical entrainment or partial extraction rubidium, potassium and other impurities. As direct extraction, the final product will contain these impurities. Therefore, before the back extraction washing load cesium organic phase. :
the extraction from washing a load of cesium organic reverse extraction cesium is its contact with the aqueous solution. BAMBP and t - BAMBP is weak acid extraction agent, can only extract in alkaline solution. Source:
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