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Chemical caustic washing coal tar containing wastewater treatment equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-06
Coal tar wastewater is generated from coal pyrolysis gas in the coking industry, one of its production accounted for about 3% ~ 4% of the furnace charging coal, coal tar, many of the compounds is plastic, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber, pesticide, medicine, high temperature resistant material and the valuable raw materials of the defense industry, there is also a part of the polycyclic compounds is petrochemical production or alternative. At present, the coal tar are mainly used for processing and production of light oil, phenol oil, CAI oil and modified pitch, after deep processing of producing benzene, phenol, CAI, a variety of chemical raw materials, such as product number, application is very extensive.

chemical caustic washing equipment processing contain coal tar wastewater NaOH solution for medium oil washing effect, such as table 4. 3, different concentrations of NaOH CPC stratification, washing time is faster, remaining oil decrease with the increase of the concentration of alkali liquor, this is due to the low concentration such as 8%} 10% NaOH solution can only be removing the phenolics in oil, and the remainder of the relatively high concentration of NaOH solution can removal oil acid, so the remaining oil quantity is less, the layered time longer, and the oil phase is more clear and transparent.

after caustic washing medium oil removing phenol on phenol simulation wastewater for operation, test results, Figure 4. 2) Show that the efficiency of removing phenol is obviously enhanced with the increase of the concentration of NaOH alkaline cleaning. However, when the concentration of NaOH solution of 20%, removing phenol efficiency has no obvious change, namely concentration to improve the efficiency of removing phenol has been useless. More than 25%, as a result of too little water phase extraction system, and results in the decrease of efficiency of removing phenol instead. Alkaline wash process, therefore, consider using a 20% concentration of NaOH solution for medium oil washing.

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