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Chemical dye intermediate wastewater pretreatment process

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
Organic acid compounds are important fine chemical raw materials, widely used in the production of dyes, light industry and other industries. Then, this type of compound molecules besides with sulfonic acid group, colleagues and other groups ( Such as - 噢,- COOH, etc. ) , so this kind of chemical wastewater toxicity of strong acid, and biochemical difference.

and dyeing intermediate wastewater with high COD value, high chromaticity and ingredient complex characteristics, are difficult to biodegradable ingredients, contains a lot of salt formed a strong acid or strong alkaline. H acid ( 1 - Amino - 8 - Naphthol - 3, 6 - Disulfonic acid) Is an important dye intermediates, liquid is a typical organic benzene sulfonic acid compound, which produce emissions of industrial wastewater is toxic, high chromaticity, belongs to the biological system of refractory.

H acid wastewater from a chemical plant production in ningxia, the COD value is 31460 mg/L, H acid content was 5%, the salt content is 14%, dark brown, wastewater quantity is after 15 m/H. The factory adopts CWL650 - M type centrifugal extraction machine to deal with H acid wastewater. The process is characterized by simple operation, easy open parking, CWL650 - M type centrifugal extraction machine maintenance is simple, low operating power ( Actual operation when a single device for 4 kw) Easy to operate compared to big. Equipment cover an area of an area small, good sealing, site operation environment is good. Waste water pH value to 0. After five or so, extraction wastewater COD values have fallen to below 1000 mg/L, H acid content lower than 0. 1%, waste water after processing color almost colorless, can direct access to the processing of the next section. Using 10% of the lye ( NaOH solution) Reverse extraction and reverse extraction organic phase H acid residue after less than 0. 5%, can be recycled.
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