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Chemical extraction of high concentration phenol wastewater treatment research

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
A wide scope of phenol wastewater is a kind of pollution of industrial waste water, such as direct emissions without processing can bring serious harm to human and environment, especially as the petrochemical, plastics and fiber such as the development of industry, the pollution problem caused by the wastewater containing phenol is becoming more and more outstanding.
many treatment of wastewater containing phenol, phenol wastewater treatment at home and abroad, the method of extraction and biochemical method, adsorption method, condensation method and simple methods of liquid membrane extraction such as biochemical process, large quantity; Wide application scope of adsorption of phenol concentration, adsorbent can regenerate; Polycondensation method is cover an area of an area small, simple process, stable treatment effect, etc. Liquid film
method and treatment of high efficiency, low cost, but not so mature process conditions also these methods have their own advantages, the actual treatment process of wastewater containing phenol, should according to the water quality situation, easy to choose process management, recovery and purification, to achieve the unification of the economic and environmental benefits.
in this paper, three amine coal oil as extraction agent, high concentration phenol wastewater treatment by chemical extraction, determined the suitable operating conditions, the level of extraction rate was 97. More than 5% of the extractant can be repeatedly used, does not decompose, not aging, has the good economic efficiency, suitable for industrial high concentration phenol wastewater treatment
1 three extraction medium oil sheen amine solution analysis of the mechanism of removing phenol
3 octyl amine alkali, salt and acid effect generated by, the generated salt making of phenol from aqueous phase to organic phase shift can be accelerated in the process of extraction, adding suitable amount of kerosene as diluent, can make the extraction phase has good liquidity, do not produce the third phase, is advantageous to the extraction process of mixing and separation of the extraction process of removing phenol, can be simply described as follows:
1 into a salt:
2 ( C85H17) 3 N+ H2 SO4=[ ( C8H17) 3NH] 2 [ C6H5OH] 2SO4
    2) Extract:
C6H5OH] 2SO4+nC6H5ON=[ ( C8H17) 3NH] 2 [ ( C6H5OH) ] nSO4
3) Reverse extraction:
( C8H17) 3NH] 2 [ C6H5OH] nSO4+( n+2) NaOH=2( C8H17) 3H+nC6H5ONa+Na2SO4+( n+2) H2O

2 test parts which three octyl amine medium oil volume ratio of 1:1 mixed solvent for extraction agent, intermittent stage extraction test flow chart shown in figure 1

high concentration wastewater containing phenol with sulfuric acid acidification to pH value in the extractor after less than 1, at the same time to join a certain volume of three amine and thinner, kerosene, more than 15 min after stirring at room temperature, extraction phase ( Water phase) Into reverse extraction tank and let stand for 40 min, stratification, the extraction tank to join the right amount of 5% 10% ( The mass fraction) Na0 H aqueous solution, mix 30 min and let stand for 40 min lower back washing fluid can be sent to phenol recycling workshop, the upper medium for regeneration after three octyl amine oil can be reused. Extraction phase ( Oil phase) Can be further processing or directly to the sewage treatment after neutralizing a few

3 3 results and discussion. Visit
3 1 extraction conditions. 1. 1 dose of water than the effects of water ratio (
agent Three octyl amine, kerosene and volume of wastewater 's influence on the extraction effect can be seen as shown in table 1 agent within the scope of water than in 1:1:2 ~ 1:1:10 changes, extraction effect and no obvious change, suggests three octyl amine extraction ability of the general agent of water than 1:1:10 can, take this value is the agent in water than that.

3。 1. 2 waste water influence the effect of initial pH
the result is shown in figure 2 the figure shows that when the pH value from 4 to 0. 5, the rate of removing phenol from 51. 4% to 98. 5%, which indicates that waste water, the lower the initial pH value, the better extraction effect, general control in the pH

3. 1. The influence of extraction time
3 as shown in figure 3 shows the influence of extraction time, with the extension of extraction time, the rate of removing phenol has improved, but increased to a certain time, extracting effect basic does not change the general time take 15 min

3. 1. 4 the effect of stirring rate
the effects of stirring rate as shown in figure 4 the figure shows that with the increase of stirring speed, removing phenol rate significantly decreased due to the high speed stirring exacerbated the oil-water mixture, the oil phase is spread out carefully, appear emulsifying phenomenon, which reduces the apparent extraction effect can be predicted, with the extension of incubation time, the extraction effect is improved, but leave time is too long is adverse to industrial production, the low rate of mixing advisable general control in 70 r/min to 80 r/min is surrounded.
3。 2 extraction conditions were examining
extraction in the process of extracting agent for NaOH aqueous solution, this article called lye or reverse extraction liquid alkali ratio ( Three octyl amine + kerosene and Na0 H solution volume) Selection principle is, on the premise of guarantee the extraction effect, as far as possible choose higher alkali agent ratio, should try to increase the dose of alkali than to reduce cost, appropriate agent alkali than desirable to 1:1. 3, and the extraction rate can reach more than 90%
in the agent 1:1:10, ratio of water pH

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4 conclusions in this paper, three octyl amine extraction solvent for extraction of high concentration phenol wastewater treatment process was studied to get the suitable process conditions for: agent water than 1 & # 39; 1 ' L0, pH

1, spinning, this paper this net, does not mean this website agree with their views and responsible for its authenticity, textual research.
2, as this article involves the content of his works, copyright and other issues, please contact with this net in 30 days, we will deal with it accordingly in the first time!
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