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China's import and export synchronization growth in the third quarter

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The General Administration of Customs, according to data released yesterday in the first three quarters of this year, China's trade in goods import and export gross 17. , 53 trillion yuan more than the same period last year ( The same below) By 1. 9%. Among them, 10 for export. 06 trillion yuan, down by 1. 6%; Import of 7. 47 trillion yuan, down 2. 3%; The trade surplus 2. 59 trillion yuan, the expanded 0. 6%.

  “ In the first three quarters of this year, China's export and import, export and still fallen but imports from a year earlier, but quarterly, from present quarter by quarter stabilizing positive momentum, synchronization at the inlet and outlet of the third quarter growth. ” The General Administration of Customs, a spokesman for Huang Songping 13 in the scio said at a news conference, in the first quarter, China's export and import, export and but imports fell 7 respectively. 2%, 6. 3% and 8. 3%; In the second quarter, import and export, but imports decreased respectively 0. 2% and 1. 0 3%, exports growth. 6%; In the third quarter, export and import, export and but imports growth 1 respectively. 1%, 0. 4% and 2. The bottom 1%, signs of stabilisation gradually revealed.

to stabilize in the first three quarters of China's foreign trade for good reason, Huang Songping thinks there are three main factors: one is the national policy measures to promote the steady growth of foreign trade has achieved certain success; The second is the external environment have signs of improvement, the confidence of the export enterprises increased; Three is in the domestic economy running steadily, driven commodity imports increased, import prices decline eased, synchronous driving but imports decline narrowed.

data show that in the first three quarters of this year, China's imports of iron ore 7. 9, 6. 3 billion tons of growth. 1%; 2 imported crude oil. 8. 4 billion tons, up 14%; 1 imported coal. 15, 800 million tons of growth. 2%; 11 import 3. 79 million tons of copper, growth. 8%.

  “ Since this year have into the stability of economy in our country, demand for commodities recovered, at the same time in the market expectations turn good, a lot of industry is still low inventory status, ready for the consumer end. The current bullish expectations could prompt some consumption enterprises increase the stock of raw materials, and inventory restocking will increase demand. ” Dongwu futures institute Jiang Xingchun said to futures daily reporter, since this year is affected by supply side structural reform, the domestic black goods such as coking coal, coke, thermal coal prices continue to rise, the supply side, once appear tight condition, in considerable profit driven by imports, the second half of this year China's coal imports increased significantly. Crude oil imports increase is mainly due to the international oil prices are low level. The growth of imports of iron ore to benefit from domestic steel mills operating at high.

for in the first three quarters of commodity imports increased mean that domestic economy downward pressure eased, will affect to production tasks, Huang Songping said that since this year, steel and coal industry in China to work capacity gradually, has achieved obvious results. Import and export trade has its objective law of market operation, not only on the basis of the change of commodity imports simply determine economic downward pressure is abate, or conflicts with task to capacity.

  “ In crude oil, for example, in the first three quarters of China's crude imports increased by 14%, which are both the domestic production, also has the international oil prices slump and private oil refining enterprises gradually get crude oil import quota. Coal imports, for example, by the domestic coal prices continue to rise and the international coal prices weak factors, China's coal imports increased so far this year. ” Huang Songping said, the main commodity imports increase will not affect the domestic production capacity to work in advance.

to have a help to depreciation of the foreign trade export, Huang Songping said that although the depreciation benefit enterprise exports from relatively, but also can make enterprise corresponding rise in the cost of imported raw materials, and under the background of global value chain, because across regions, the division of labor and of upstream and downstream of the universal existence of intra-industry trade, some changes in the value of an economy and its impact on the import and export will fast forward to the value chain of other economies, currency devaluation pull effect on the exports will weaken.

  “ Our country foreign trade import and export of processing trade still account for larger proportion, the specific influence exchange rate changes on China's import and export limited. ” Huang Songping said.

, data also shows that day in September in our country foreign trade export leading index continued to pick up. It is understood that since July this year, China's foreign trade export leading index has three consecutive month-on-month picks up, until September for 35. 8, which means that in the fourth quarter of China's exports are expected to reduce pressure.
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