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China's nuclear pure thorium important progress in the preparation

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
A few days ago, in a special strategic leader of Chinese Academy of Sciences, national 973 project, the major research projects such as the national natural science foundation project, supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences changchun should change the important progress in the separation and purification of nuclear pure thorium. The project team, the efficient of thorium extraction agent, invented a kind of thorium purification methods, and obtained the national patent license.
thorium is an important nuclear fuel, thorium purification and preparation of nuclear pure thorium is the important precondition for thorium nuclear power development. Project team in system research and comparison of the various extraction solvent extraction separation of thorium and rare earth, on the basis of thermodynamics and dynamics of the mechanism, the efficient of thorium extraction agent, and received by primary amine extraction separation process of thorium richment as raw material, the thorium purification technology development. After a cascade extraction experiment, the process successfully by raw material of 95%, the purity of thorium 99% to 99. More than 99%. Further experiments, using small centrifugal extraction equipment preparation the quality stability of purity> 99 kg. 99% of thoria samples. Related technology has won the national invention patent license, and has set up a patent in the United States and Australia, respectively. In addition, the process involved in extracting agent is also suitable for the purification of uranium related technologies have been applied for national invention patent.
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