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Chinese medicine extraction equipment industrial extraction of penicillin

by:Deyuan      2020-08-16
Penicillin is not stable in aqueous solution, extracting requirements when cold, fast, clean, the best extraction and separation process within several seconds to complete, this was achieved after using high-speed extraction separation equipment, tianyi extraction developed. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine as traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment industrial extraction of penicillin has made great progress.
with the wide application of the technology, the end of the production mode of 'mix' of traditional Chinese medicine. Especially the application of new techniques, new materials, new equipment r&d medicine new dosage forms, from the overall improvement of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment to make traditional Chinese medicine industry in the promotion of industrial extraction of penicillin technology toward safety, energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental protection, high yield, the final product taking safe and high effective direction, promote the development of the Chinese traditional medicine planting industry and r&d.
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