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Chinese medicine extraction equipment of sugar extraction process is introduced

by:Deyuan      2020-08-23
Sugars and carbohydrates, centrifugal extraction is widely distributed in the organism. Sugar is not only the storage of organism nutrients, and is a precursor of the biosynthesis of other organic compounds. Sugar is except protein and nucleic acid in organism and a kind of important biological information molecule, it's on the fertilization and development, differentiation, nervous system and immune system of equilibrium states maintain plays an important role; As a kind of cell and molecular surface 'signature', participate in many physiological and pathological processes in the body, such as white blood cells and endothelial cells in inflammation adhesion, bacteria, virus infection, of to lodge living cells that immune recognition, etc. Along with the development of glycobiology, of biological cells in the body in the process of identification and control information molecular - — The research of sugar will become the 21st century of multicellular organisms high-level research one of the important contents of life phenomena.
a, the classification of sugar
in accordance with the component number of sugar-based sugar sugar can be divided into three classes of monosaccharides, oligosaccharide and polysaccharide.
monosaccharide in crystalline state, has a sweet taste, soluble environmental pollution, soluble in dilute alcohol, soluble in high concentration of ethanol, not soluble in ether and low polarity solvent such as benzene, optical activity and reducing.
oligosaccharides sugars, also known as the most widely distributed in plant body and in the free state of oligosaccharides are sucrose. Mostly by different aggregate surface into sugar, also can be made of the same simple sugars into aggregate surface. Are of a similar nature and monosaccharide: crystalline, has a sweet taste, easily soluble in water and difficult to soluble or insoluble in organic reagent, easy by enzymatic or acid hydrolysis into monosaccharides and optical activity. When molecules have free aldehyde or ketone group, is reducing.
(more Poly () Sugar by 10 with a monosaccharide molecules aggregate into surface, usually composed of hundreds or even thousands of monosaccharide molecules. By a monosaccharide composition of polysaccharides were polysaccharide.
2, methods of extracting sugar
natural polysaccharides mainly is extracted from plants or agricultural and sideline products in the nature of separation, the extraction methods of commonly used are: hot water extraction, alkali extraction, acid extraction, enzymatic and so on, which is suitable for biological enzymatic method.
1, the raw material crushing
shatter the purpose is to increase the surface area of raw material, increase the leaching speed. In traditional Chinese medicine extraction production,. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine medicine film generally no longer used by crushing, production process directly, because the film is larger, medicine organization not completely broken, effective components are difficult to be extracted completely.
the raw material crushing degree to all according to the kinds and properties of material. Grasses raw materials we can crush it rough, because there is no solid wooden structure, this kind of raw material and the moisture content is higher, organization is loose, because of water loss in the process of dry cell tissue and organ damage is more serious, leaching solvent is easier to penetrate. Hard wood raw material for organization, solvent difficult to penetrate, so let's smash some finely. Some hard, coarser root, root, root block and fruit and seed material will crush it fine.
2, degreasing treatment
some raw materials contain more oil, grease or wax, because this often makes leaching faced some problems, such as certain characteristics to leather leafy herbs with wax dip in the epidermis cell layer, can prevent the infiltration and leaching solvent leaching is more difficult to make, the need for dewaxing process, there are some oil more materials, such as the gentleman, fructus ligustri lucidi, such as seeds, should be performed before the leaching defatted processing. Extract water-soluble components most animal organs, degreasing process must be conducted, and then with a polar solvent extraction.
3, containing volatile oil raw material processing
should be in the fresh state crush, distillation and leaching processing, in order to avoid component change.
4, enzyme and protein as main ingredients of the raw material processing
enzyme as the main component of malt, earthworm, papaya, etc. , traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology of protein as main ingredients of radix trichosanthis, placenta and many animal materials. Enzymes and proteins are a class of compounds of variability, very unstable, should be in the fresh state, in homogenate machine to break the cell wall to separate it. As in the fresh state cannot be handled in a timely manner, after drying or placed, will happen in enzyme and protein denaturation and inactivation, will affect the quality of the raw material quality of the product.
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