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Chloride for extraction of absence made of iron

by:Deyuan      2020-09-03
Chloride on iron extraction of absence made
because the chloride solution containing relatively high concentrations of C1 - , its salt content is higher also. In order to simulate the salt content and C1 - Of iron, and the effects of extraction, the experiment of iron by means of adding KCl and NaCI respectively of the extraction were studied. For 60 min of extraction time, extraction ( O/A) 1:1, extraction temperature is 25 ℃, the simulation solution + concentration is 0. 5mo} / L, extractant saponification rate was 50%, the extractant concentration is 10% ( v/v) 。 The experimental results as shown in figure 2. 7, in figure 2. 8.

by figure 2. 7 and figure 2. 8, in KCI and NaC1 system, iron extraction rate as the KCI and NaCl and increase the dosage, and the increase of increase ( More than 30%) Show that the addition of chloride extraction in favour of iron. This phenomenon may be caused by two reasons: one is the salt effect of extraction system, high salt content is advantageous to the Fe ( III) The extraction of; Second, the system of the ion exchange extraction has advantages, but there is still a part of the Fe ( III) Is extracted by means of solvent extraction in organic phase, as Cl - The increase of concentration, solvent extraction into organic phase equilibrium to the right ( Type 2. 4) , and Fe ( III) The higher extraction rate. Figure 2. 7 and figure 2. 8, in the same molecular weight of Cl - Adding amount, NaCI system of China railway extraction rate is higher than KCl system, this may be due to K + high molar mass, ionic radius is larger, the join phase interface transfer of iron may increase the difficulty, which influence the extraction rate of iron, the influence mechanism needs further research in detail. 2. 3. 8 Fe { Concentration of III iron apple take the absence made
chloride solution leaching in the process of mineral materials and reaction conditions may change, so the iron concentration of dissolved and will also be different. The experiment with Fe ( III) Concentration as the research object, studied separately in different Fe ( III) The extraction of iron concentrations. The extraction temperature is 25 ℃, extraction time for 60 min, extraction ( O/A ) 1:1, extractant concentration is 10% ( v/v) , the extraction rate of saponification rate was 50%, the simulation solution of H + concentration of 0. 5 mo1/L。 The experimental results as shown in figure 2. 9.

by figure 2. 9, when iron concentration is low, 《2 g / L) , with the increase of concentration of iron, iron extraction rate will gradually decline. This is because the extractive agent has a certain capacity, when the iron content is small, relative excess extraction solvent, the extraction rate is higher; When iron content increases, as extraction solvent extraction ability is limited, under the condition of invariable iron extraction volume extraction rate will be lower, as shown in the result.
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