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Chlorine dioxide containing phenol wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-19
Phenol is paper, coking, oil refining, plastic, pesticide, medicine and other industries the production of raw materials and intermediates. Wastewater containing phenol or very serious harm to human beings, therefore, research the water phenol removal is very necessary. In order to further improve the phenol wastewater treatment efficiency, in recent years, the treatment of wastewater containing phenol at home and abroad scholars do a lot of research work, and develop a variety of processing methods. Now introduced a containing phenol wastewater treatment method - Chlorine dioxide containing phenol wastewater treatment.
chlorine dioxide oxidation ability is strong, is a broad-spectrum sterilization disinfectant and excellent bleach, can be used in the industrial wastewater treatment. The chlorine dioxide containing phenol wastewater treatment can be divided into the following steps.
   ( 1) From industrial waste water and benzene into. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine of phenol and benzene solution with no chemical industrial wastewater ( The waste water can emissions) That in. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine Ⅰ is extracted, using benzene and phenol with similar structure, the extraction of phenol from industrial wastewater, with the method of fluid lower emission of industrial waste water discharge, the upper of phenol benzene solution into the next level. cwl Ⅱ type centrifugal extraction machine.
   ( 2) Benzene solution containing phenol. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine Ⅱ inject sodium hydroxide solution, at this point, has the acid neutralization reaction of phenol with sodium hydroxide, generate sodium phenol and water, this process is also the core of chlorine dioxide containing phenol wastewater treatment.
sodium phenol are ionic compounds, soluble in water. Along with the chemical reaction, in machine Ⅱ. cwl type centrifugal extraction liquid was divided into two layers, the upper is the benzene layer, the lower is the aqueous solution of phenol sodium, the upper benzene through the pipe back to. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine Ⅰ continue to extract phenol in industrial waste water, recycling, lower sodium phenol solution into the next link.
the place on put together is narrated, in industrial waste water containing phenol extraction process of phenol, benzene, sodium hydroxide, calcium oxide, carbon dioxide, four kinds of materials can be recycled, in theory, should have no cost. Source:
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