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Chlorine oxygen pressure extraction complex ores and concentrates

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
Chloride extraction complex ores and concentrates oxygen pressure
PLATSOL ™ technology for processing, base metal and precious metal sulfide ore concentrate containing copper, nickel, diamond, platinum, or gold and silver. The grade of the flotation concentrate and characteristics are not suitable for smelting. PLATSOL ™ process by adding chlorine pressure oxidation of sulfide ore concentrate, leaching base metals and precious metals to make it into the autoclave solution. PLATSOL ™ is crucial for the development of the technology can use chlorine complex direct extraction of precious metal.
PolyMet mining companies to promote the development of the NorthMet project. NorthMet mine in northern Minnesota, adjacent to the iron mining area with a long history. Deposit in the 60 s, found that contains a lot of lava type disseminated sulfide, is containing copper, nickel, drilling, zinc, gold, silver and precious metals polymetallic deposit. Shallow, easy to strip mining, stripping, rarely waste rock rate is low, ore stripping ratio is small.
NorthMet ore proved by measured its reserves is 6. 2 38. 2 billion t, the prospects for reserves. 51. 6 billion t. Proven reserves of 2. 74. 7 billion t, mining plan is 2. 2. 4 billion t, the service life of 20 years ( 32 000 t / d) 。
the final feasibility study in 2006 by the Australian bateman engineering company is completed, the project currently in the stage of environmental assessment.
the mine development plan from the acquisition time at Erie Cliffs company factory ( See figure 1) Carried out. PolyMet mining company, after the acquisition at Erie factory can directly use of the existing 100000 t/d crushing and grinding workshop ( See figure 2) And the corresponding infrastructure, Road, electricity, railway, water supply) , including waste disposal. At Erie factory was built in the 50 s, investment nearly three. $5. 5 billion, by the year 2001 has been processing iron ore rock. Acquisition of the factory and its related infrastructure for production provides the need of the vast majority of heavy equipment. A third of the first stage plans to use existing capacity.
NorthMet mine development plan is currently concentrates of starting production to sales in the factory, then the construction of wet treatment plant recovery of valuable metals. Decided to choose PLASOL ™ process.
the feasible scheme included in Ontario, Canada SGSLakefield institute a few half an industrial test plan. Half an industrial test ore flotation tests have been carried out, the production of mixed concentrate samples and mixed concentrate wet processing. The basic flow including chlorine oxygen pressure leaching ( PLATSOL™) , solid-liquid separation and washing, precious metal/gold deposits, neutralization and Cu extraction electric product production of cathode copper. Part of the copper extraction liquid used for recovery of nickel and drill, returns the rest of the autoclave. Neutralised the next step, two pieces of iron/aluminum, sulfide precipitation in addition to copper, sank a magnesium chloride Ni/Co/zinc, the second period of lime sink Ni/Co/zinc, then use magnesium lime. Product of this processing method for drilling, zinc nickel hydroxide and mix.
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