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Choose centrifugal extraction machine treatment of organic wastewater extraction solvent

by:Deyuan      2020-08-24
Centrifugal extraction machine of organic wastewater treatment is the key to the implementation of the properly selected according to different organic wastewater treatment system extraction agent, correct selection of organic material recycling and extraction solvent regeneration method, correct choice of the reasonable technological process and extraction equipment. We in centrifugal extraction machine, for example.
according to the separation of different system requirements, there have been a series of industrial extraction agent, some new types of extracting agent is also in constant development. Extracting agent is usually organic solvents. In general, for an industrial extraction agent should have the following requirements.
( 1) Extracting ability, large capacity extraction agent for stay separation material can provide relatively high extraction equilibrium distribution coefficient. Unit volume or the quality of extraction solvent extraction separation material package, and large capacity. With centrifugal separation effect of the centrifugal extraction machine has a good application prospect.
( 2) High selectivity towards the separation of several kinds of material separation factor beta should be relatively large. If separation material for single solute, the extracting agent of the solute and water separation factor should be larger, lower extractant cui water, reduce the extractant regeneration operation load. Due to centrifugal extraction machine split-phase sex good, there is no demand for larger separation factor beta.
( 3) Chemical extraction agent is not easy to hydrolysis stability, not easy to decompose when heated, to acid, alkali, salt chemistry and oxidant and reducing agent, has enough chemical stability and irradiation stability. In addition, the extracting agent less corrosion of the equipment. Until today in development of centrifugal extraction machine, and high temperature resistant anticorrosive property has already been used in the modern separation equipment.
( 4) Small solvent loss under various operating conditions, the extraction solvent loss is small, the dissolution of the material liquid water phase extraction phase liquid is easy to be stratified, extraction process does not produce the third phase, emulsifying phenomenon does not occur.
( 5) Extracting agent suitable extractant in physical properties such as density, viscosity and interfacial tension of system basic property right, guaranteed in the process of extraction and reverse extraction, mass transfer rate faster, two phase flow separation and good performance.
( 6) Easy to reverse extraction and solute treat separation material recycling extracting agent can provide relatively high extraction equilibrium distribution coefficient, and should be controlled extraction solvent and extraction material combining ability, in the case of a change of operating conditions easy separation material back extraction operation, implementation of recycle of solute recovery and extraction agent. For extraction and reverse extraction, centrifugal extraction machine can single-stage extraction, can also be multistage reverse extraction, multi-stage countercurrent extraction, etc.
( 7) Safe operation of extractant high flash point, ignition point, boiling point, low volatile, non-toxic or low toxicity, without excitant, is advantageous for the safe operation.
( 8) Strong economy source of extraction agent, synthetic preparation method is simple, cheap.
it should be pointed out, choose the conditions of the extraction agent is difficult to meet at the same time, generally need according to the practical industrial application conditions, considering these factors, play a special advantage extraction system, try to overcome shortcomings. For large-scale applications, industrial efficiency and economy of extraction agent is choose two key conditions of extracting agent.
for industrial extraction of organic wastewater treatment process used in the extraction agent, in addition to meet the requirements of general industrial extraction process of extracting agent, also need we consider the dissolution of the extraction solvent loss, avoid secondary pollution, low toxicity, biodegradability of extraction solvent, to ensure the successful implementation of organic waste water extraction process. Machine developed by our company. cwl centrifugal extraction for extraction of material extraction rate more than 95% commonly, because is the sealing operation, the extraction separation process not to the secondary pollution, at the same time, the whole machine operation power consumption is small, the noise is very small, truly implement the energy conservation, environmental protection and efficient centrifugal extraction equipment.
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