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Chromium centrifugal extraction machine recovery from waste acid water extraction process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-19
When chrome plated, will gradually accumulate some impurities in plating solution, such as Fe, Ⅲ) Cr ( Ⅲ) , Ni, Cu and zinc etc. , make the plating solution in use after a period of time can't again for chrome plated. After chrome plating parts cleaning fluid also contains Cr ( Ⅵ) And above impurities. Centrifugal extraction solvent extraction method is used for recycling to the solution of chromium can have two ways. The extraction of chromium chromium with acid, metal impurity separation; Or removing impurities to make chrome plated metal liquid regeneration.
centrifugal extraction machine from waste acid water recycling chrome ( Ⅵ) You can use the TBP or amine extraction agent. The developed process of 99 can be obtained. The chromium recovery rate of 5%. Extraction of chromic acid both can use caustic soda or pH of 4 water extraction, extraction sodium chromate solution is also available. The extraction solution of Cr ( Ⅵ) The concentration of up to 200 kg/m3, and Cr ( Ⅲ) Less than 20 g/m3.
centrifugal extraction machine impurities extracted from chrome plating solution using HDNNS ( Two nonyl naphthalene sulfonic acid) With the TBP mixed solvent. The extraction efficiency is limited by plating solution acidity. Diluted solution can highly improve the operation, the balance of water through the natural evaporation section can be obtained during electroplating. Extraction of a small amount of chromic acid available water to wash, wash water used for plating solution before extraction of dilution. Reverse extraction using 5 mol/m3 - H2SO4 or HCL, reverse extraction from liquid metal concentration in more than 60 kg/m3. Following figure out its industrial processes.

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