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Color: business stock up will not strong 24 lead prices or fall

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 。 Cn summary 】 Beauty refers to rebound pressure metal, lie between Zhou Lun lead shock slump fell 1. 16%, the businessman risk aversion is thicker, some manufacturers themselves waste battery supply of goods is more, according to the will is not strong, the goods is expected today lead down now.

【 。 Cn lead futures market 】 Every Zhou Lun lead shock slump, opened at $1986 / ton, high at 2008. $5, low 1956. $5, late closed at $1963, down $23, or 1. 16%; Volume 3804, an increase of 399 hand holdings of 113918 an increase of 33278. Friday night Shanghai lead main 2010 contract closed at 15900 yuan/ton, down 125 yuan, or 0. 78%.

the Yangtze lead industry network ( pb. 。 cn) Today's spot price quotation forecast: beauty, it is the rebound pressure metal, insulation Zhou Lun lead shock slump; Market worries about the global recovery in some major economies, business risk aversion is thicker, secondary lead in waste battery supply parts manufacturer itself more, according to the will is not strong, the goods is expected to lead this spot price to fall. ( The Yangtze river team 0592 - metal extraction solution network 5668838).
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