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Color: central bank unexpectedly cut lending rates 19 aluminum or edged up now

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Today aluminum market abstract: Aaron aluminum stocks continue to blowing up five days rose nearly 23%, London aluminum pressure drop $21, China's central bank unexpectedly cut interest rates, the metal price support, today's spot aluminium or rose slightly.

the futures market, the recent Aaron aluminum stocks continue to blowing up, recently has increased nearly 23% over the five trading days London aluminum pressure drop, the latest closing price is $1737 / ton, down $21, or 1. 19%, volume 12782 hand cut 5351 hand, holdings of 794542 an increase of 4759 hands. Night Shanghai aluminum high finishing, main 2001 contract latest closing price 13760 yuan/ton, up to 60 yuan, or 0. 44%.

London metal exchange ( LME) 18 November latest inventory to 1156250 metric tons of aluminum and increase from the last trading day of 91075 metric tons, 8. 55%, the cumulative increase of 22 have rallied for five day. 94%.

the Yangtze aluminum net news: on November 18, the domestic spot price stabilization, the Yangtze river nonferrous net spot AOO aluminium ingot price to 13950 yuan/ton, up 20 yuan. Chinalco in east China AOO aluminium ingot price to 13940 yuan/ton, flat. China's central bank unexpectedly cut interest rates, the market believes that it is prepared to take action to boost economic growth signals, supported metal prices temporarily, henan, shanxi district heating season to leak or there is a certain space, speculation is expected today, spot prices rose slightly. The Yangtze river metal extraction solution network WWW. 。 Cn tel: 0592 - 5668838
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