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Color: domestic lead ingot stock rebounded 5 lead prices or fall

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 。 Cn summary 】 U. S. and European stocks rose, overnight lead late 0 up steady. 02%, the domestic lead ingot stock rebound, car battery replacement demand is yet to be warmed up, the overall consumption of seasonal weakening, now lead or down today.

【 。 Cn lead futures market 】 London lead high, late, early morning at 2163. 5 dollars/tons, high of $2180, low of 2156. $5, ended in late 2164. Five dollars, get a 0. $5, or 0. 02%; Volume 4188, an increase of 476 hand holdings to 134306 by 2948. Shanghai lead main 1912 contract closed at 16405 yuan/ton, down to 55 yuan, or 0. 33%.

the Yangtze lead industry network ( pb. 。 cn) Today's spot price quotation forecast: Europe and the United States a rising stock market, London lead late stabilization; Domestic lead ingot weeks inventory to 21411 tons, an increase of 3092 tons from last week, the stock recovered, car battery replacement demand is yet to be warmed up, the downstream inventory demand weakened, seasonal weaker overall consumption, expected this spot price to fall. ( The Yangtze river team 0592 - metal extraction solution network 5668838).
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