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Color: domestic zinc production is expected to cut zinc prices or edged up on the 17th

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 。 Cn summary 】 London market risk aversion faded, zinc rose 0. December 33%, China's social financing and credit incremental both than expected, this year is expected to cut domestic zinc output, this is zinc or small gains.

【 。 Cn zinc futures market 】 London zinc tail gains have narrowed, opened at 2392. 5 dollars/ton, high of $2432, low of 2381. $5, ended in late 2399. $5 and $8, or 0. 33%, volume 10299, an increase of 3053 hand holdings to 106973 by 3467. Night Shanghai zinc main 2003 contract closed at 18355 yuan/ton, up 125 yuan, or 0. 69%.

the Yangtze XinYe network ( pb. 。 cn) Today the spot price of zinc market forecast: the market risk aversion receded, overnight zinc rose modestly; Social financing scale increment of 2 in December. 1 trillion yuan, 171. 9 billion yuan more than a year ago, China on December the M2 measure of money supply rate ( %) , the former value: 8. 2, the expected: 8. 3, announced: 8. 7, 12 month China social financing and credit increment both than expected, due to the production and new mining projects delayed, this year is expected to cut domestic zinc production, material spot zinc prices edged up today. ( The Yangtze river team 0592 - metal extraction solution network 5668838).
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