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Color: drop or will soon be born 05, copper or higher now

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Yangtze river copper key to: global stocks and the dollar tumbling, London copper closed up $141, comprehensive drop quasi or will soon be born to stimulate improved market sentiment, is expected to Shanghai copper strong today, now the copper or with rose.

【 Copper futures market. Global stock markets rose on Wednesday, and the dollar index tumbled to boost copper, London copper climb higher, with the latest closing price is $5751 / ton, up $141, or 2. 51%, volume of reduce 2 hands, 21995 holdings 288995 hand cut 2396 hands. Night Shanghai copper jump empty high, first month latest closing price quote 1910 contracts in 46980 yuan/ton, up 810 yuan, up 1. 75%.

the Yangtze copper net news: countries often release the blockbuster signal, accurate and directional general reduction in time, means that the strength of preset monetary policy fine-tuning, counter-cyclical mediation is expected, agency predicts overall drop or will soon be born this month, news to stimulate the market sentiment improves, strengthening is expected today Shanghai copper, spot prices or to go up. The Yangtze river metal extraction solution network WWW. 。 Cn tel: 0592 - 5668838
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