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Color: is copper or copper scrap imports significantly reduce 24 rose slightly

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
Yangtze river copper key to: U. S. stocks rose across the board to an all-time high, London copper closed up $4 after shocks, the global economic recession risks, not the end of the domestic copper scrap import drastically reduced, now is now copper rose slightly.

【 Copper futures market. U. S. stocks rose across the board in light trading, the three major benchmark index hit a record high, London copper strong shocks, the latest closing price is $6179 / ton, up $4, or 0. 06%, reducing 2059, volume 7989 holdings 313698 hand cut 1032 hands. Night Shanghai copper strong finishing, main 2002 contract latest closing price 49090 yuan/ton, up 70 yuan, or 0. 14%.

the Yangtze copper net news: the global economic recession risk is abate, the recent macro continues to improve, and risk appetite emotional return to bullish prices; End of domestic copper scrap imports dropped sharply, imports fell 58% in November, according to the current copper scrap supply pressure, in 2020 the first batch of scrap metal decline than expected number of import quotas, support for copper prices, is expected to today's spot prices rose slightly. The Yangtze river metal extraction solution network WWW. 。 Cn tel: 0592 - 5668838
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