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Color: macro zinc prices good fermentation 16 or higher

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 。 Cn summary 】 Sino-us trade tensions eased, lie between Zhou Lun zinc concussion higher rose 2. 03%, macro good fermentation, the domestic zinc ingot stocks edged down, demand side slightly warmer, spot zinc or rise today.

【 。 Cn zinc futures market 】 Every Zhou Lun zinc concussion higher, opened at $2346 / ton, high of $2395, low of $2346, closed at $2390 late, 47. $5, or 2. Decreased 03%, volume 5232, 2826, 238800 an increase of 2716 holdings.

the Yangtze XinYe network ( pb. 。 cn) Today the spot price of zinc market forecast: sino-us trade tensions eased, restore purchases of U. S. agricultural products in China, U. S. tariffs on certain Chinese products rise to delay two weeks, every Zhou Lun zinc concussion higher; Macro good fermentation, the domestic zinc ingot weeks inventory to 76625 tons, 3169 tons less than last week, a small decline in inventory and demand side slightly warmer, spot zinc prices today. ( The Yangtze river team 0592 - metal extraction solution network 5668838).
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