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Color: market performance stalemate 13 is copper or fall

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Yangtze river copper key to: sino-us trade agreement of good news to stimulate, London copper rose $17, prices to rise standoff performance under the condition of market transactions, and could face adjustment in the short term, now is now copper fell.

【 Copper futures market. Sino-us trade agreement of good news to stimulate, the market reduced safe-haven demand, London copper strong shocks, the latest closing price is $6162 / ton, up 17 dollars, or 0. 28%, volume 19610, an increase of 3772 hands, holdings of 312790 an increase of 3183 hands. Night Shanghai copper low, main 2002 contract latest closing price 48830 yuan/ton, down 330 yuan, or 0. 67%.

the Yangtze copper net news: raw materials for the copper concentrate and the copper scrap supplies, declining global dominance of inventory and low, and the macro economic rebound phase stabilization, under the support of recent copper prices rise continuously, but the market transaction standoff overall performance, and macro uncertainty risk remains, in the short term may face adjustment, is expected to today's spot prices fell. The Yangtze river metal extraction solution network WWW. 。 Cn tel: 0592 - 5668838
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