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Color: slowing demand outlook worries about 21, aluminum or down now

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
July today aluminum market abstract: global aluminium production increases suppress prices rebound, London aluminum fell $9, market concerns over China's slowing demand outlook do not come loose, aluminium under pressure, lack of support movements is expected this spot prices fell.

the futures market: international aluminum industry association, according to data from the global aluminium production in July 540. 50000 tons, the production increase suppress prices rebound, overnight aluminium shock slump, and the latest closing price is $1783 / ton, down $9, or 0. 50%, reducing 79, volume 8768 holdings 750775 hand cut 7278 hands. Night Shanghai aluminum low consolidation, main 1910 contract latest closing price 14320 yuan/ton, down 60 yuan, or 0. 42%.

London metal exchange ( LME) August 20, Aaron aluminum latest inventory to 955025 tonnes, compared with the previous trading day to reduce 7325 metric tons, by 0. 76%, 14 trading day down 7 recently. 18%.

the Yangtze aluminum net news: August 20, the domestic spot prices rose, the Yangtze river nonferrous net spot AOO aluminium ingot price to 14390 yuan/ton, up 150 yuan. Chinalco in east China AOO aluminium ingot price to 14420 yuan/ton, up 170 yuan. Middle aluminium inventories continued to change, the downstream aluminum rods stocks fell, the price picks up, but the market concerns over China's slowing demand outlook, with electrolytic aluminium profits to repair, in the fourth quarter of supply pressure is bigger, aluminum prices under pressure, lack of support movements is expected today, stock prices fell. The Yangtze river metal extraction solution network WWW. 。 Cn tel: 0592 - 5668838
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