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Color: zinc consumption season support 12 or higher

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 。 Cn summary 】 Europe and the United States weaken a rising stock market risk aversion, overnight zinc sideways closed up 0. 51%, reducing, Aaron inventory to maintain zinc consumption season, Shanghai zinc or continue to rebound, expected spot zinc edged up today.

【 。 Cn zinc futures market 】 London zinc sideways, opened at $2340 / ton, high of $2376, low of 2332. $5, late closed at $2355, up $12, or 0. 51%, volume 8058, an increase of 591 hand holdings to 236084 by 490. Night Shanghai zinc main 1911 contract closed at 19175 yuan/ton, up to 40 yuan, or 0. 21%.

the Yangtze XinYe network ( pb. 。 cn) Today the spot price of zinc market forecast: Europe and the United States stock prices weaken risk aversion, London zinc sideways closed up slightly; Latest LME inventories to 63425 tons, 550 tons less than yesterday, Aaron zinc maintain reduce situational, golden nine silver ten ', the downstream demand is expected to improve, Shanghai zinc or continue to rebound, expected spot zinc prices today. ( The Yangtze river team 0592 - metal extraction solution network 5668838).
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