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Complexation extraction equipment acetate solvent extraction process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-13
Tianyi extraction on extraction equipment complex solvent extraction of acetic acid process has carried on the system research, focused on the neutral phosphorus complexing agent complexation extraction performance of dilute acetic acid. Studies show that with phosphorus alkoxy oxygen kind of solvent molecules in the reduction in the number distribution coefficient increases, and low water solubility, water extraction, compared with phosphorus oxygen extraction reagent, amine extraction agent has the characteristics of low price and high extraction efficiency, studies have shown that the water solubility of primary amine, primary amine in the solvent regeneration process easy with acetic acid in irreversible amidation reaction. Long chain tertiary amine smaller solubility in water, and good thermal stability, so the complexation extraction equipment in the solvent extraction of acetic acid process it is a common complexation extraction agent.
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