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Complexation extraction phenol wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-18
In recent years, based on the study of complexation extraction separation of polar organic compounds, and to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment or further complexation extraction process removing phenol wastewater containing phenol, provides a possible way. Research results show that the complexation extraction process of phenol wastewater containing phenol dilute solution provided by the equilibrium distribution coefficient value is 460, has more features, for dihydric phenol, phenol of three yuan, with the usual extraction agent often effect is poor, complexation extraction agent to provide a balanced distribution coefficient value is still considerable. Here is now commonly used in industry complexation extraction processing of several typical wastewater containing phenol extraction process.
N503 alkaline solvent dephenolizing process: N503 extraction agent has high ability of removing phenol in water solubility is small. With N503 as complexing extraction solvent complexation extraction phenol wastewater treatment in the process of running when main attention should be paid to prevent emulsification phenomenon of extraction and reverse extraction process, due to the existence of tar in wastewater, easy cause emulsification extraction process, so we must strictly control the tar content in the wastewater.
    QH- Type 1 solvent complexation extraction dephenolizing: this process is characterized by simple manipulation, convenient open parking, equipment easy maintenance, easy to implement compared with operation, complexation extraction process 2 - wastewater containing phenol Methyl - 4 - Chlorobenzene oxygen ethanoic acid sodium in the production process of the implementation of the wastewater containing phenol, protect the environment, reduce the consumption of products, and created the obvious social and economic benefits. Source:
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