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Consumer demand weakened today now lead or stabilized

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 London high lead to rush back fell $7, Britain will enhance in the referendum on the eu's expected, lead prices downward pressure eased a little, short lead prices or maintain shocks, is expected today now lead prices go up drop co. , LTD.

' Lead futures market 】 Lead London opened in 1712 dollars/tons, Asia times weaker dollar support lead rushed up to 1728. $5 / ton; Europe and the United States time crude oil fell down drag on Aaron lead shock to daily offline, interval as low as $1710 / ton, eventually closed at $1714 / ton, down $7, or 0. 41%; Hand positions, volume 2344, 881, 121378 holdings reduce 1321 hands; Shanghai lead 1608 contracts in 12870 yuan/ton, main dish in a line along the 12890 yuan/ton consolidation, fluctuation amplitude between 30 yuan/ton, interval minimum 12865 yuan/ton, up to 12930 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 12890 yuan/ton, up 65 yuan, or 0. 51%; Hand positions, volume 2280, 1520, 14304 an increase of 92 holdings.

( ) Today's spot price quotation forecast: night Shanghai lead high consolidation, 1608 contracts as market share lead battery is lithium electricity divide, the spot lead market consumption demand, lead ingot market light volume, price movements of short-term or consolidate, spot today is expected to lead ingot prices haven't changed much.
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