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Continuous extraction device to remove the DMF - methylene chloride Extraction of zhengzhou

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
In the production of fine chemicals, sometimes meet need to concentrate (methylene chloride Load products) In DMF, the production section is called reverse extraction section, need to use reverse extraction equipment, reverse extraction equipment on the function and extraction equipment is the same.

the kettle type and at present a lot of chemical manufacturers still adopts the traditional extraction separation device, the reaction kettle using intermittent production, time consuming, more chemical plant puts forward higher requirements on extraction equipment, continuous, large-scale, modern extraction separation equipment is more and more recognized and sought after by the masses of customers.

zhengzhou extraction company for chemical batch production difficulties, to market the continuous centrifugal extraction process, this process has obvious effects of extraction, separation speed, high extraction efficiency, etc. Also, the process with the installation of zirconium wire electrostatic export, can eliminate electrostatic generation security hidden danger in time. For methylene chloride removal of DMF processing requirements, zhengzhou perfect processing flow are given:

1, washing

the DMF concentrate water soluble impurities, washing by water extraction, concentrate in DMF, water-soluble impurity transferred to the water phase, finally achieve the purpose of purifying concentrate.

2, recycling

wash water after two level upstream section, not only remove water soluble impurities, at the same time also to take away part of the product. At this time, you need to recycle section using methylene chloride will wash water recycle water ', and 'placing products on extraction and recycling products.

it is worth mentioning, in the washing stage, through the adjustment of centrifugal extraction pump and flowmeter, can realize the accurate measurement of the liquid and washing water, compared to control the incoming material and flow, in order to achieve the best washing effect.

so, new. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine compared with the traditional reaction kettle have what advantage?

1, centrifugal extraction system cover an area of an area small, large quantity;
2, centrifugal extraction system for closed circulation system, the operating environment is good;

3, centrifugal extraction equipment with low power consumption, CWL350 - M type power of 2. 2千瓦) , can reduce the production cost;

4, centrifugal equipment can realize continuous operation, greatly reduce the manpower investment;

5, less solvent loss, saves the subsequent section.

zhengzhou extraction of centrifugal extraction machine of high quality, low power consumption, without wearing parts, can be all kinds of acid alkali corrosion resistance, is from across the country hundreds of customers, has become a veritable 'mixed with separation of experts'.

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