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Copper as weak shocks, market goods price rises

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Metal dynamic:
at present, the industrial concentration of tongling copper base material through open zone development base has been basically completed copper tape, copper base electronic materials, wire and cable, copper and copper alloy rods linear cultural products, copper powder, copper of renewable resources recycling six copper base material industrial chain. Last year, the base in anhui province for the first batch of strategic emerging industry cluster development base, by the world association of copper processing, experts & other; Copper processing field in China the most complete varieties, the most complete industry chain, improve the supporting system, the most competitive and unique material intensive processing industry base. ”

the futures market overview:
LME3 month copper shock down today. Morning opened in 4884. $5, peak early in 4902. $5 after shocks, fall sideways after noon, afternoon diving down, low to $4864, domestic trading period closing at 4870 dollars. Today Shanghai copper main 1610 disadvantaged concussion. Morning sideways after opening, the domestic secondary shock down after opening, or smaller. Weak rebound after reached its lowest point in the afternoon, finally closing at 37790 yuan, down 150 yuan, or 0. 40%, 8542 to 234238 hand more holdings. Spot market overview:

Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution today The original WuMao colored spot market) , the spot copper main clinch a deal in 37760 - in the morning 37940 yuan/ton, a rise of 85 in the last working day, and the c60 - liter discount B120 yuan, a rise of 5 yuan in the last working day. Well today market supply, traders, shipping is given priority to, the market good copper supply continues to tighten, premiums rise sharply, backed copper prices. And smooth water wet copper and copper remained steady, smelter basic don't shipment. Still keep cool looking downstream, the main reason is still orders fell, poor construction, on the spot purchase demand is weak. Afternoon liter discount the morning up slightly, mainly focus on the good copper premiums rise, good in b140 - copper B160 yuan, smooth water copper b50 - B60 yuan, wet the c50 - copper C40 yuan. Extract solution according to Shanghai metal trading center survey, most traders concussion and a small number of traders to take down view.

center point:
China, according to bloomberg data show that Banks and brokers, cash holdings of listed companies in China up to 1. $2 trillion, hit a record high. This shows that corporate investors a little pessimistic about the current market environment, the confidence of the lack of investment in new projects, can be seen from the trend of M1 and M2 monetary price scissors, Chinese enterprises have appeared & other; The liquidity trap & throughout; Phenomenon. Continuous poor economic data before the United States, the United States dollar, good commodities, but the performance is still strong personal consumption expenditure in June, maintaining high level, this suggests that the consumer can still remain strong after surging in the second quarter. Although the second quarter GDP performance is poorer, but consumption of strong can still strong support economic development. The current global economic environment is weak, easy to stimulate kept increasing, continued liquidity, the rise in commodity prices, but was divided. Copper spot, traders still good control of the rhythm of shipment, price rised, with high copper prices, but consumer spending remains weak, two weak overall supply and demand. Technical, day K line still maintain platform, combining with the MACD and weaker KDJ trends, short-term is expected to still give priority to with shock, interval 37500 - 38500.
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