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Copper electrolyte and antimony, bismuth choose centrifugal extraction machine

by:Deyuan      2020-09-07
In the process of copper electrolyte and antimony, bismuth, sulfonated kerosene as N1923 + + isooctyl alcohol extraction system, through the. cwl - Extraction M type centrifugal extraction machine, which can achieve good extraction effect, antimony bismuth extraction rate were over 90%, at the same time also will not result in a copper loss, has no effect on electrolytic process also.

copper electrolyte in removing impurities with traditional product method and continuous induction of copper removal technology of arsenic, but along with the continuous development of science and technology, the centrifugal extraction technology is widely used in copper electrolyte impurities removal. Zhengzhou days. cwl - extraction research and development production M series centrifugal extraction machine for copper electrolyte and antimony, bismuth, antimony, bismuth extraction rate is high, the pertinence, low energy consumption, suitable for chemical industry production.

centrifugal extraction machine for extraction, antimony, bismuth, according to the characteristics of raw material liquid organic phase acidity of antimony bismuth extraction effect has a certain influence. N1923 extraction under acid condition, higher acidity, higher extraction rate then, but too high acidity, to cause a decline in Sb, Bi, extraction rate, so we need to regulate specific extraction acidity.

copper electrolyte in antimony, bismuth, using centrifugal extraction machine multi-stage countercurrent extraction technology, its process flow diagram:

extraction. cwl - zhengzhou days The advantage of M type centrifugal extraction machine:

1, high processing efficiency, large quantity: 1 - the capacity of new extraction equipment can do 150 cubic meters per hour, separation effect is very good at the same time, for small density difference of the material has good extraction, split phase effect.

2, a high degree of automation: centrifugal extraction machine can be used multiple devices in series. A high degree of automation, can not only detect the data better, and easier to operation management.

3, more energy efficient: under the condition of same capacity, its power consumption is a traditional annular type centrifugal extraction machine 1/10 ~ 1/3.

4, good corrosion resistance: the equipment can be used perfluorinated polymer materials, resistant to strong acid, Hydrochloric acid and mixed acid, etc. ) The corrosion.

related extraction equipment figure:

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