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Copper extractant is often used in industry

by:Deyuan      2021-01-13

The copper extractant is often used in the industry to enrich Cu2+ in the solution into the organic phase, and then undergo further stripping to achieve the deposition and regeneration of metallic copper. The principle of copper extractant enrichment of Cu2+ is as follows:

(1) The symbol of the energy layer occupied by the first electron lost by the ground state copper atom is ______, and the simplified electron arrangement of the valence copper ion is _________.

(2) The electronegativity of the elements contained in the copper extractant is in descending order of ______, and the N atom forms a σ bond with the O atom through the hybridization orbital _____.

(3) The solubility of the complex formed by the copper extractant and Cu2+ in the aqueous phase ______ the solubility of the organic phase (fill in '>', '<', '='), the crystal type of the complex is _____.

(4) A student did a set of experiments with copper sulfate solution and ammonia: the blue precipitate in the CuSO4 solution was dissolved. Write the ionic equation of the blue precipitate dissolved in ammonia water _________; after the precipitate is dissolved, the types of chemical bonds in the cations in the solution are ________.

(5) The unit cell of a chloride of copper is shown in the figure. The chemical formula of the chloride is _____. The shortest distance between Cu and Cl is 460.0pm, and the crystal density is ______g/cm3. (Column expression)
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