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Copper range-bound, two light spot market supply and demand

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Metal dynamic:
recently, by the jinchuan group information and automation engineering company, concentrator, maintenance branch and other units cooperation take the sinosteel rockland Australia's copper ore dressing & other; Drive & throughout; Services better news on copper ore dressing process, successfully produce copper concentrate. Integration of technical resources for jinchuan group company, giving full play to the advantages of technology and exploit overseas market has played a good demonstration effect.
rockland copper concentrator is located in the northwest of Queensland, Australia, the scale of design for ore processing 3000 kt, products have natural copper concentrate, cobalt, sulfur flotation of copper concentrate ore concentrate and iron concentrate.

the futures market overview:
LME3 month copper shock rise today. Early morning opened at $4865, slightly to the bottom of the rebound after the $4855 higher, noon back slightly after continue to trend higher, pull up to the highest point 4900 dollars in late, domestic trading period ended in 4896. Five dollars. Shanghai copper main shock rise 1610 month today. Morning in early concussion rebound from the lowest point, around noon short-term sideways, rose again at noon, the overall increase is not large, late rose to the highest point, finally closing at 38020 yuan, up 40 yuan, or 0. 11%, 2504 to 225696 hand more holdings. Spot market overview:

Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution today The original WuMao colored spot market) , the spot copper main clinch a deal in 37680 - in the morning 37850 yuan/ton, is falling on a weekday, 100, in the c60 - liter discount B110 yuan, a rise of $10 in the last working day. Shipment today market supply, traders, but the market for the supply of copper is less, traders interested in rised up a price premium, smooth water wet copper and copper are plentiful, smelter basic don't shipment. Copper prices slightly lower in the morning when the downstream procurement, when a disk, downstream manufacturers continue to wait and see, coupled with weak production, purchase intention is low. Afternoon liter discount the morning up slightly, mainly focus on the good copper premiums rise, good in b110 - copper B120 yuan, smooth water copper b50 - B60 yuan, wet the c60 - copper C50 yuan. Extract solution according to Shanghai metal trading center survey, most traders concussion and a small number of traders to take down view.

center point:
in July Markit PMI52 manufacturing. 9, record since October last year. July let the market hope, strong manufacturing PMI manufacturing in the drag on the economy is expected to ease in the third quarter, second quarter GDP weak is mainly affected by the downturn in manufacturing. July Markit, the eurozone, the euro zone manufacturing PMI final value 52, June to the highest level of but slightly better than expected. Although the expansion of the euro zone manufacturing slowed slightly in July, but manufacturing PMI shows a steady growth, but uneven development around the phenomenon is serious, the European central bank or need further easing policy stimulus. And Japan, the Japanese cabinet approval through the economic stimulus package of 28 trillion yen, but loose strength or co. , LTD. , Japan is still need to focus on the domestic deflation. Good spot, the market for copper sales tightening, pretty price rised mood is thicker, and the downstream manufacturers for rising copper prices remained wait-and-see attitude, trading market present supply and demand two light pattern. Technical, day K line near 20 daily average lines formed concussion range, among the track is still strong support, but from the perspective of MACD index downward and expand Yin line, taken together, is expected to short-term or is given priority to with shock, interval 37500 - 38500.
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