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Copper review: big data before market cautious domestic copper price for guidance

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
Abstract: crude oil rose on Friday to drive commodity prices higher, copper from the lows of six weeks rose 0. 65%, but China copper miner refused to cut to the excess supply of domestic worries, this is copper or held steady. ( )

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
a. International market
the us crude oil inventories last week driving increase dramatically on Friday, the us crude oil, basic metals prices are driven, every Zhou Lun copper closed up $30, the latest closing price of $4660, or 0. 65%; LME according to the latest data, China's exports to increase 4800 tons of copper, Singapore exchange monitoring warehouse inventories also increased demand concerns; Open today London copper edged higher $2, the latest opening price for $4667. Commodity market downturn overall sentiment to bring the negative effect of copper or still dominate the market this week, is expected to copper above highly limited.

the London metal exchange, according to data released on April 8 copper inventories increased 675 metric tons to 145675 tons. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory ratio of 26. 94%.

in the domestic market in Shanghai today slightly low, 1604 contracts opened the current month of 35720 yuan, down 150 yuan, the territory of Shanghai copper 1604 contract offer 35920 rose 50 yuan. Chinese manufacturers recently focused on cutting costs and refused to cut production, and China will increase on the news of the copper exports increase market in the global market for the excess supply of domestic concerns, this week waiting for the domestic market in the first quarter GDP, CPI and a series of big data, strong market risk aversion, days after the Shanghai copper market cautious, spot copper or co. , LTD.

hot financial information
1. Crude producer frozen production meeting in close proximity, although before jelly production has become a farce, a voice said but after oil prices rose on Friday 6. After a 6%, today continue to rise. As of Beijing time as WTI crude oil prices rose 1. 06% to 40. 14 dollars/barrel, for the first time in this month $40 a round number.

2. Mr Li said, affected by the world economic downturn and market volatility, the basis of the trend of China's economy is not strong. Haitong Jiang Chao released today, the report said the economy improvement efforts for signs. In early April surveyor growth peaks, power consumption of coal drop further extended to more than 10%. Economy will continue to improve in the short term, but range or less than 3 months.
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