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Copper review: China copper or steady optimistic data today

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Abstract: before the fed meeting, investors cautious, late London copper edged up $4; China's economy is better than expected or support today Shanghai stock market sentiment, copper material shock consolidation, is expected to spot copper price is not big.

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
in the international market short-term market focus for the fed's policy meeting will be held next week, although the possibility of beauty to raise interest rates in September is not high, but performance is still relatively cautious investors, evening copper fluctuated violently, and closed with $4 to $4663; 14197 hand, holdings 329895 hand cut 178 hands.

the London metal exchange on September 13, according to data released copper inventories to reduce 825 metric tons to 353375 tons. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory ratio of 15. 95%.

in the domestic market in Shanghai today open slightly higher, the current month 1609 contracts opened 36680 yuan, up 160 yuan, 'Shanghai copper 1609 contract price of 36490 yuan, down 30 yuan. August macro data released yesterday by the Chinese JiChao expectations, retail sales in the automobile consumption and pull back, both inside and outside to slightly improve the impetus industrial growth rose to a five-month high, infrastructure and real estate investment rebound boost overall steady, optimistic data driven copper demand outlook, but market clinch a deal before the Mid-Autumn festival holiday will generally is not high, is expected to spot copper flat today.

hot financial information
1. After July slowdown, China's total retail sales of social consumer goods in August year-on-year growth picks up. China's total retail sales of social consumer goods in August compared with the 10. 6%, better than 10. 2% of the expected and the former value; 1 - In August, 3. 021 trillion yuan, the online retail sales rose 26. 7%. Bureau of statistics, according to the evaluation of market sales of fast, online retail sales continue to maintain rapid growth.

2. Given the current lack of the federal reserve ( 美联储) Clear signals policymakers to raise interest rates, Goldman sachs ( 高盛(Goldman Sachs)) Have reduced the probability of the federal reserve to raise interest rates next week. Headed by Jan Hatzius, economist at Goldman sachs said in a report, the probability of Goldman sachs has put the fed to raise interest rates in September fell to 25% from 40% before, but the possibility of raising interest rates from 30% to 40% in December.
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