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Copper review: China's policy for good spot copper prices rise in vibration

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
Abstract: the London copper following oil rally, late up 2. 39%, China may will implement the new reform of taxes and fees, the move is expected to support the domestic market economic development, today Shanghai copper or stronger, material is copper with rose. ( )

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
in the international market sources said the main oil-producing countries to Russia and Saudi Arabia agree on frozen production after oil prices hit a five-month high, London copper following oil rally, late rose $111, the latest closing price of $4780, up to 2. 39%; Open dollars wide range today, London copper edged higher after the shock consolidation, down by the Beijing time at 9, LME copper latest price down to 4775 $5.

the London metal exchange, according to data released on April 12, copper inventories to reduce 900 metric tons to 146450 tons. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory than for 24. 17%.

in the domestic market in Shanghai today opened higher, 1604 contracts opened the current month of 69000 yuan, up 190 yuan, 'Shanghai copper 1604 contract offer 36570 rose 760 yuan; Deputy finance minister, said yesterday that China's new tax and fee reform will take effect on May 1, the move is expected to support the domestic market economy, and speed up structural adjustment, desalination doubts about may stimulate the real estate speculation. Good news supporting sentiment, today Shanghai copper, spot copper rose.

hot financial information
1. According to the data to in the center of the institute, a think-tank, Shanghai & other; 3. 25 New Deal & throughout; Cool, after the Shanghai property market transactions obvious, down the quantity and price, clinch a deal the area down 56%, clinch a deal the average price fell 4%. This year on March 25, the Shanghai municipal government issued a detailed New Deal. Shanghai than Beijing to become the most strict for purchasing cities in China.

2. The IMF cut its global growth expectations, said the weak global economy for too long, for the global economy policy makers, wrong don't have a lot of space. The most don't believe in Japan in developed economies, by Japan's economic growth is expected to 0. 5%, and that Japan's economy next year will shrink by 0. 1%. At the same time because of strong demand in China, raised China's economic growth forecast for this year and next.
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