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Copper review: domestic inventory pressure drop is copper is expected to stay steady

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Abstract: the federal reserve to raise interest rates expected to drop, on Friday night in copper closed up $11; Domestic inventory pressure decrease and the demand prospect beforehand good support of copper, copper in Shanghai or strong, is expected to spot copper price is today.

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
in the international market last week, the federal reserve to raise interest rates expected to drop down the dollar, commodity prices to get support, Friday night copper fluctuated violently, late closed up $11, the latest closing price at $4856, or 0. 23%; Volume 16202, holdings 326777 hand cut 7744 hands.

the London metal exchange on September 23, according to data released copper inventories increased 10825 mt to 356875 mt. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory ratio is 16. 76%.

in the domestic market in Shanghai today open slightly higher, the current month 1610 contracts opened 37800 yuan, up 90 yuan, 'Shanghai copper 1610 contract price of 37730 yuan, up 20 yuan. On Friday the international copper stocks have risen sharply, weigh on copper; But, according to the Shanghai stock exchange, according to data from Shanghai copper stocks last week to 130780 tons to 5549 tons, domestic inventory pressure is weakening and the market demand outlook is good, getting support today Shanghai copper prices, is expected to spot copper price is today.

hot financial information
1. In September the eurozone manufacturing continues to expand, but services low drag composite PMI fell to 21 months. The euro zone's services PMI initial 52 in September. 1, 52. 52 8, the former value. 8. Composite PMI initial 52 in September. 6, 52. 52 8, the former value. 9. Manufacturing PMI initial 52 in September. 6, 51. Value before 5, 51. 7.

2. This fall, the investment Banks could lift the climax layoffs. By Reuters, Goldman sachs in Asia outside Japan cut nearly 30% of the investment banking jobs, spread in m&a banker, stock market and bond market transactions. Since this year Goldman sachs Asia Pacific m&a transactions fell 23% year on year. Goldman has cut over 400 jobs this year before July.
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