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Copper review: global copper supply copper at higher vibration

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Abstract: Britain's expectations, overnight in global stock markets higher drive base metal rose across the board, copper closed up 1. 9%, ICSG global copper supply shortage in March, according to data expected this copper rose now. ( )

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
in the international market the latest two poll survey results show that more than half ( 53%) Surveyed the British public support for the UK retains the eu membership, the market's expectations of Britain withdrew the decline. Overnight in global stock markets higher, the market sentiment picks up, base metal rose across the board, the evening leave high to go high copper, late closed up 1. 9% to $4637.

the London metal exchange on June 20, according to data released copper inventories to reduce 1900 metric tons to 194025 tons. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory than for 21. 93%.

in the domestic market in Shanghai today opened higher, 1607 contracts opened the current month of 35610 yuan, up 80 yuan, 'Shanghai copper 1607 contract price 35820 yuan rise 290 yuan; The international copper study group ( ICSG) In its latest monthly report, according to global refined copper production in March of 2 million tons, consumption of 2. 04 million tons, in March 40000 tons of refined copper market supply shortage in the world, the first three months of this year, global excess supply refined market. 4. Excess for 14, 20000 tons of the same period last year. 30000 tons. The news, today Shanghai copper or have a rebound, spot copper is expected to rise.

hot financial information
1. Influenced by Britain withdrew the expected decline message, open the three major stock indexes sharply higher, the s&p 500 index rose 1. 1%, the dow Jones industrial average rose 1. 2% and the nasdaq composite index rose 1. 3%. European stocks extended gains, the European Stoxx50 index was 3. 58%, sterling/dollar rose more than 2%, is 1. The biggest gain since December 4657, 2008.

2. Japan's exports in May rose by 11. 3%, the eighth consecutive monthly decline, domestic earthquake disturbance, yen appreciation, coupled with emerging market countries, particularly China's demand has been export growth continued to slump. Japan's exports to China growth decline May 14. 9%, the third consecutive month of negative growth, decline in April 7. 6%.
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