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Copper review: in July China manufacturing PMI slightly lower expectations in Shanghai consolidation is given priority to

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Abstract: the fall in the dollar, weeks leave high to walk late acquisition of low copper closed up $21, today's focus on China's manufacturing PMI, investor sentiment or partial cautious, Shanghai copper consolidation, expect now copper co. , LTD.

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
a. International market
American second-quarter GDP than expected as a drag on the dollar index at the biggest drop since two months, weeks, acquisition of copper leave high to go lower, late closed up $21, latest closing price to $4920, or 0. 43%; The weak GDP data reduced interest rates expected within the next year, according to the survey market expectations for the years to raise interest rates have been reduced to 36%. Payroll data on Friday or will further determine, after the dollar or will continue to consolidate.

the London metal exchange, according to data released on July 29, copper inventories increased 725 metric tons to 209450 tons. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory ratio is 31. 74%.

2. Domestic market
1608 contracts opened today Shanghai copper current month 37580 yuan, down 150 yuan, 'Shanghai copper 1608 contract offer 37840 rose 110 yuan; July official published today, the Chinese manufacturing PMI 49. 9, 50 is slightly lower than expected. After return from online in March again fall back to below 50, 50 new orders index. Although 4%, than micro fall 0 last month. 1%, but remained above the 50 threshold line, manufacturing market demand growth slowed slightly. Results for this market have different attitude, for metal demand outlook has raised concerns about also speculation that the government might increase further stimulus. Shanghai copper or consolidation today, waiting for the news further clear, is expected to spot copper co. , LTD.

hot financial information
1. The U. S. department of commerce data show that in the second quarter GDP annual from initial growth of 1. 2, 2% expected. 5%, the first value of 1. Correction of 0 1%. 8%. Business inventories to reduce in the second quarter of 8. 1 billion dollars for the first time in the third quarter of 2011 fell. Household consumption become a highlight in the quarter, to an annualized quarter-on-quarter growth. 4. 2%, the biggest rise since the end of 2014.

2. The euro zone's quarterly GDP in the second quarter of initial value 0. 3%, as expected, the former value of 0. 6%. Even before the British voted to back the euro zone economic recovery is fragile. France and Austria in the second quarter economic stagnation, the Spanish economy growth is its weakest since the six quarters. Economists expect the second quarter GDP growth will come from Germany in the first quarter of 0. 7% down to zero. 3%.
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