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Copper review: investors on the high end the rally to slow

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Abstract: investors profit-taking drag prices after rising in the near future, every Zhou Lun copper fell $20, the previous period of copper stocks rose to nearly 400000 tons of record highs, did not see significant growth in the domestic market demand, this is copper or dipped. ( )

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
in the international market in after the lower number to raise interest rates expected by the end of the federal reserve, the dollar fell to a five-month low, bring commodity prices boost, but investors take profits before the weekend comes to copper shock slump, Zhou Lun copper fell $20, the latest closing price to $5048, or 0. 39%; The London metal exchange, according to data released on March 18, copper inventories to reduce 2650 mt to 158275 mt. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory than 27. 82%; Copper today open to $5039 compared with the previous trading day down $9.

in the domestic market in Shanghai today slightly low, 1604 contracts opened 38180 fell 10 yuan, the current month 9:10 Shanghai copper 1604 contract offer 37890 fell 300 yuan; Shfe copper inventories last week increased 44639 tons to 394777 tons, since the start of the copper stocks has increased by nearly 220000 tons of the previous period, and last week climbed to nearly 400000 tons of record highs, shows that domestic demand is still weak. But released on Friday February prices set in the past two years the fastest growth in China, the market demand for copper market outlook is still optimistic. Today Shanghai copper or low consolidation, but down space is limited, is expected to spot copper fell slightly.

hot financial information
1. 18, the National Bureau of Statistics released & other; In February 2016, 70 large and medium cities housing sales price changes throughout the &; Display, with prices rising number of city accounted for nearly seventy percent, in February 2016, the number of urban property prices rose to 32, accounted for nearly half.

2. Treasury prices on Friday, On March 18) With euro rose for the fifth day, the day is the same, because of fewer investors expect the fed to raise interest rates this year, continue to chase us treasuries.
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