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Copper review: return the weekend has basically been digested today is copper or stabilized

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
Abstract: the British to take off the tremor sparked a global financial markets, the dollar index surged, 1 week acquisition of copper drop. 6%; China's real estate tends to be stable or support years copper market demand, this spot copper or went sideways. ( )

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
a. International market
the referendum tremble for global financial markets, European markets were floundering, the referendum on Friday announced the same day, the global stock market value of more than $2 trillion, investors' risk aversion, the dollar index surged, 1 week acquisition of copper drop. 6%, the latest closing price to $4698.

the London metal exchange on June 24, according to data released copper inventories to reduce 2000 metric tons to 192375 tons. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory than 27. 49%.

2. Domestic market
Shanghai copper rose today, the current month 1607 contracts opened 36080 yuan, down 120 yuan, the territory of Shanghai copper 1607 contract price 36360 yuan rise 160 yuan; On Friday the British withdrew the caused panic in financial markets, investors dumped risky assets, market over the weekend to digest the things on the impact of the market this week a relatively quiet, but investors are still is given priority to with safety, today in Shanghai consolidation with isostatic further news guidance, is expected to today's spot copper co. , LTD. This week, the domestic market will publish the Chinese industrial enterprises above designated size may profit, China caixin PMI data and the official PMI data in June.

hot financial information
1. After continuous rise in two months, the United States may decline in orders for durable goods rose sharply, according to a new American equipment investment is still weak. Us durable goods orders in May - from initial value 2. 2%, sharply - worse than expected 0. 5%. Durable goods orders excluding transportation class may - from initial value 0. 3%, durable goods orders excluding aircraft nondefense capital - from initial value 0. 7% were worse than expected.

2. Referendum after European, British prime minister David Cameron has announced his resignation, according to the need for new leadership, to elect a new prime minister in October, and before the new prime minister arrived not trigger the Lisbon treaty article 50. Bloomberg said, a former London mayor Johnson, the justice secretary, Mr Gove and the home secretary May are likely to become a successor. HSBC, jpmorgan chase and all think back the Britain could lose a lot of work opportunities.
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