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Copper review: the dollar rebound in commodity prices weighed on prices

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Abstract: us dollar rebound data on Tuesday on copper, London copper fell $24, before the fed's decision in the morning tomorrow market rising risk aversion, today Shanghai copper or weaker, copper material is small. ( )

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
a. International market
evening out of the U. S. retail sales growth May 0. The value of 0 5%, stronger than expected. 3%, and the import and export price index data also performed better than expected in May, for the better economic data to provide power for the dollar index rebound, London copper bearing shakeouts, late fell $24, latest closing price to $4531, or 0. 54%.

the London metal exchange on June 14, according to data released copper inventories to reduce 4350 metric tons to 203275 tons. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory than for 17. 03%.

2. Domestic market
1606 contracts opened today Shanghai copper current month 35260 yuan, down 200 yuan, 9:10 contract offer 1606, 35360 yuan in Shanghai copper fell 100 yuan; Evening the dollar index rebound, but the result of the fed's interest rate decision in the morning on Thursday or $will guide the further direction, before the high market risk aversion, days Shanghai copper or weak consolidation, this small spot copper fell.

hot financial information
1. The United States in May retail sales rose 0. 0 5%, better than expected. 3%, the first value of 1. 3%. Has been a steady rise in the consumer will help the U. S. economy from the weak state of accelerated growth earlier this year, at the same time supporting the fed officials predict: a slowdown in the us economy may be temporary. Economists said that given the jobs on the rise, salary is growing, consumer spending is growing, the overall trend is still positive.

2. Reuters quoted sources said that if the vote back Europe, the European central bank and the bank of England will be declared to the rescue, rescue strategy will include swap lines, opening up and the bank of England, allowed European Banks to use the two currencies unlimited financing. Statement to signal & other; No matter how to also want to maintain sufficient liquidity in the market & throughout; To boost investor confidence, controlling the market panic.
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