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Copper review: the federal reserve to raise interest rates growing concerns of copper under pressure down

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
Abstract: push up the us dollar has metal, fed officials hawkish speech late copper pressure drop fell $15, the damage by the concerns of the decline in China's credit and the copper market sentiment, today is copper or slightly lower. ( )

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
in the international market on Tuesday, where several fed officials have been published about the U. S. economy and the fed's policy speech. San Francisco fed chairman Williams said the U. S. economy continues to moderate growth, low unemployment, interest rates this year two to three times are still reasonable. Overnight dollar index rise in vibration metal, copper fell back pressure, closed at $4640 in late fall $15.

the London metal exchange on May 17, according to data released copper inventories to reduce 2275 tons to 156750 tons. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory than of 20. 41%.

2. Domestic market
Shanghai copper low open today, 1606 contracts opened 35700 yuan, the current month fell 10 yuan, 9:10 contract offer 1606, 35660 yuan in Shanghai copper fell 50 yuan. China's new yuan loans in April and social financing scale is far low expectations, the enterprise in new loans dropped sharply, the residents become that buy a house loan, credit from April slump, a month since October 2015, the minimum rate. The damage by the concerns of the decline in China's credit and the copper market demand, will restrain the rally. Shanghai copper consolidation today, is expected to spot copper to decline.

hot financial information
1. The U. S. department of commerce data show that housing starts rose 6. 6% to an annual 1. 17 million, better than the former values 110 and 1. 13 million, predicted value reflect the future construction of the number of permits also rose. And march in both cold in contrast, data are significant rebound this month. New housing starts and building permits in March fell 7 respectively. 7% and 8. 8%, make the market by surprise.

2. The United States CPI4 month rose 0. 4%, its fastest pace since February 2013. Core inflation excluding food and energy prices. 2%. Rising gasoline prices hit a four-year high, this has helped push up headline inflation. 4 cast Inc, senior economist David Sloan said inflationary pressures are increasing. The data may allow the fed to inflation and more confident.
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