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Copper review: the stock market surge in support of copper is copper or edged up today

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Abstract: late U. S. stocks surged and dollars back support of copper, copper rose 0. 62%; Global output growth and stock investors rising excess supply of copper concern

sorrow, this is copper or to get a co. , LTD.

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
a. International market late
fed officials doves position to push the stock market surged, and back pressure $supported copper, London copper concussion higher, late rose $28, the latest closing price quote $4659, or 0. 62%; 38280 hand, holdings 330073 hand cut 1580 hands.

the London metal exchange on September 12, according to data released copper inventories increased 3600 metric tons to 354200 tons. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory ratio of 15. 49%.

in the domestic market in Shanghai today 1609 contracts opened 36290 yuan, the current month drop 50 yuan, 'Shanghai copper 1609 contract price of 36510 yuan, up 170 yuan. Since this year, the new large copper number continues to grow, Peru copper production surged more than 50% in the first half of this year, to about 1. 1 million tons, according to GFMS predicted that in the first half of 2016, global copper output close to 9. 8 million tons, up 5% year-on-year. Due to increasing production and inventory continue to rise, make investors concern about excess supply copper still not ease, downstream short-term cautious about copper, today in Shanghai is expected to maintain a consolidation, spot copper rose slightly.

hot financial information
1. Federal reserve governor Brainard said that although economic progress, but the labor market improvement on inflation is limited, the fed should be careful to should not be too fast. Brainard is public speaking before September the fed meeting last one official, her position is considered and the chairman yellen relatively close, the dovish stance to boost U. S. stocks rose.

2. Morgan Stanley's Europe and the United States day cycles are stagnant, show that the developed economies by & other; Expansion & throughout; A & other; Slide & throughout; The risk is higher and higher. If cycle shift has begun, the United States will encounter more than 30 years the most weak recovery. Earlier this month, the IMF report says high frequency data indicated that the global economy this year is more weak, especially the G20 advanced economies.
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