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Copper review: waiting for a new guide consolidation in Shanghai is short

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Abstract: the attitude firmly production increase crude oil market oversupply concerns, London copper shock consolidation at the bottom of the five-week low, waiting for China's economic data to guide on Wednesday, is expected to today's spot copper co. , LTD.

a. Today copper analysis:
Iran plans to improve yield increase crude oil market oversupply, late oil price highs drag on copper, London copper shock consolidation, late fell $2, closed at $4674, hovering below the five-week low; 12328 hand cut 3727 hands, holdings 327096 hand cut 773 hands. Today more than September inflation report and the federal reserve officials in the United States.

the London metal exchange on October 18, according to data released copper inventories to reduce 3275 mt to 345800 mt. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory than for 28. 43%.

in the domestic market news, night Shanghai copper weak consolidation, 1611 contract closed at 37250 yuan, the current month 30 yuan decrease, fall to zero. 08%; 1611 contracts opened today Shanghai copper current month 37260 yuan, down 20 yuan, 'Shanghai copper 1611 contract price of 37290 yuan, up to 10 yuan. Market waiting for China's GDP in the third quarter on Wednesday, September industrial output, retail sales and urban fixed asset investment and so on big data, or continuation of the days in Shanghai consolidation trend, expected to spot copper or or limited today.

hot financial information
1. U. S. industrial production in September up slightly, but not as good as expected, the manufacturing output offset by home appliances production decline, in the third quarter year-on-year growth of 1. 8% to a record first quarter growth since the third quarter of last year. The federal reserve ( 美联储) On Monday, On October 17) In September, according to data released U. S. industrial production growth rate of 0. 0 1%, expected growth. Revised to drop to 0 in 2%, before. 5%.

2. China railway freight volume growth of 1% in August, the realization of the first 32 months. Logistics climate index ( LPI) More than expected rebound, LPI rebounded to 59% in September, 4 month rebound. 7%. Import and export container quantity also nearly two months to restore 7 ~ 8% growth.
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