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Copper review: yellen speaking short-term rates signals copper prices are still under pressure

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Abstract: Friday yellen speaking rate signals, copper highs fell $6 to nearly ten week low; Worries about falling demand in China remain, limited short-term price upward, expect now copper co. , LTD.

today's copper price analysis and forecast:
a. International market,
yellen said Friday night the economy are moving in the fed's two goals, the next few weeks to months may raise interest rates, pushing the partial hawkish rhetoric, high Zhou Lun copper rushed back, late fell $6, the latest closing price to $4621; Volume 16450, holdings 337165 hand cut 817 hands. U. S. interest rates expected to heat up, short-term market cautious, focus on the next August payroll report.

the London metal exchange on August 26, according to data released copper inventories increased 7700 mt to 271575 mt. Cancel the LME copper warehouse inventory than 19. 11%.

2. Domestic market
1609 contracts opened today Shanghai copper current month 36350 yuan, 10 yuan, Shanghai 9:30 copper contract offer $1609 to $36370, up 30 yuan. Short-term worries about falling demand in China limits the copper upside, the domestic market will soon celebrate industrial metals demand season, some market participants, requirements for optimism, in the short term is expected in Shanghai shock consolidation, this spot copper or co. , LTD.

hot financial information
1. China's National Bureau of Statistics data shows, profits rose 11% in July, grow faster than June 5. For this year by 9%, to the second peak months. This is largely thanks to commodity prices rebound, steel, non-ferrous industry profits significantly positive, black and metal smelting and rolling processing two extraction solution industry of industrial enterprises above designated size, the contribution rate of profit growth for 47. 5%.

2. Real GDP in the second quarter of the annualized quarter-on-quarter revised 1. 1%, in line with expectations. Revised down mainly by further cuts in government spending fell, enterprise inventory drag; Non-residential fixed assets investment and consumer spending on fix partly offset by other adverse factors. One of the most eye-catching is consumer spending, and its growth were revised by the original 2. 83% to 2. 94%, still a quarter of a second fast growth in five years. Most economists believe that in the third quarter, the data will be positive.
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